Are there plans transforming the company in a non-profit organization?

I have a no clue about business related topics and I imagine that the gone way of Mudita Sp. z o.o. was hard enough. And it is a easy to registrate yourself in this forum and write comments without direct responsibility.

But I write a comment because I believe in this product and the underlying values. A product that forms its design around human behaviour instead of using it.

For me it is interesting if there any longterm plans to distribute the Mudita Phone at self-preservation costs. When profits rise and a successful brand emerges how can it be assured that Mudita Sp. z o.o. stays to its values? I like the manifesto but it’s a mutable content and not a mandatory frame. An example would be the Signal Foundation. Surely it is not comparable but it demonstrates the general possiblity. An example for a non-profit product or item would also be interesting.

Thanks to this fine forum and the patient people answering the questions. :pray: