Any news from Mudita about Mudita Pure shipping delay?

Hi everybody!
I’m getting a little worried about waiting for my phone as I’m following Mudita pure project since the beginning. I placed my order first in the beginning of October 2020 and then, after the product release date was postponed twice, I decided to cancel my order in March last year. I ordered the phone a second time the 4th of October 2021 with a given delivery date of “November 2021”.
Since novembre I wasn’t given any clear delivery update so I don’t know if I still have to wait a year or just a couple of days…
I plan to cancel my order but before i wanted to check if some of you received their phone already or at least more info from Mudita. Starting to doubt that all this is a real business…


I’ll address the later half. They are a real business. They are shipping products, but it’s going to be slow on the phones.

If you order an alarm, you’ll have higher success in getting it by February. If you ordered the phone in October 2021, you’ll have to wait. My estimate is that you’ll probably get it in March/April after they are done fixing all the keyboards and figuring out their shipping.

Some people (about 200 or so) have received the phone, only 2 reviews so far though.


I was feeling pretty uneasy about how they’ve handled the past few months and already received a refund.
At this point I’m just going to buy a punkt and continue to lurk around here for updates and reviews.
If I hear good news down the line about the phone I may order one but right now I don’t know how I feel about the communication that’s happened about these delays.


How did you request a refund?

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I’ve found customer support to be quick and responsive when referencing my order number:


Thanks for providing this reply.

It would be helpful if the company could provide a list of what the different statuses mean. “Shipping state: on_hold” tells me nothing in terms of time frame. Then if you click through on an order, similarly, “Status: approved” isn’t enlightening for the layperson.

I understand the company is working out bugs and want to send the best product possible. Some clarity in terminology might alleviate the uncertainty.

This isn’t something for you to solve, Jose. Just keeping similar queries in one thread.

As more and more companies start spinning their marketing PR around privacy, I really want to get my hands on this phone. :sob:

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Thanks for the answers !! I finally read on another post someone who has no informations either and never received his phone even if he ordered in july 2020: we will have to wait quite a lot of time to get ours…
So I decided to cancel my order :sob:

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The thing is, we do not know how much more time we will have to wait. I am one of those who ordered in July 2020. I would wait a bit more if it was well communicated. Now I feel I am being fed with bullshit. I still want Pure, but my patience is gone. So I cancelled the order, 3 days ago and still no response yet…

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@Lukas_Calda We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We are currently a bit short-staffed because of absences due to covid. We’re processing your refund today.

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Okay, thanks. Hope you sort it out and it will work eventually good for you. Cheers

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@urszula: any info you can provide on what the different status levels mean would be appreciated. Thx!


@kspringer where are you seeing this status? In your confirmation emails? I think @Sharaz could help with answering this question.

The notes are in my first My Orders in my Mudita shop account (“On_hold”) and once I click on the order number “status approved.” Any insight, @Sharaz, would be appreciated.

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Is this a fact or just an opinion? It’s well known fact that opinions on public forums and social media can be exuberantly amplified. Not that I care much, it is simply because I placed an order for a phone this February, and if I were to listen to your opinion my phone will arrive next September.

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