An option to encrypt SMS messages?

As I know that Signal / Session / Matrix etc. won’t be included in the Mudita Pure due to Pure being an internet-free device, could optional SMS encryption be added in a software update?

SMS is an extremely unsecure way of sending messages - you could compare it to talking loudly in the public to a friend or relative. SMS encryption does not solve every problem with the lack of privacy (metadata, such as time sent and time received, last activity, contact lists and so on), it at least hides the message contents.

Basically, implementing something like Silence would be nice. Although encrypted communication wouldn’t be possible with iPhone users, due to the lack of ability to change default SMS app.

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I’d say that this is ineffective if users don’t have Silence. However, since the OS is Open Source, one may be able to code a signal client and force the LTE data to come through and sync messages from time to time


Perhaps signal could be accessed through the desktop application?
Besides my concerns about the low SAR antenna having bad reception compared to my current phone, I really like pigeon and it fixed my biggest gripe with feature phones.

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The benefit to sms is that you can send to anyone. All these messaging apps are a two way street, where you have to convince your intended receiver to download yet another app. Would be great if someone did create an option for this as @Jose_Briones stated.

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^ I clicked the [GET IT ON Google Play] pushbutton at and discovered that neither Silence nor SMS Secure (the old name) is available at the Google Play Store today.

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@Jose_Briones & @john_dumpling Both of your suggestions are quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Well, then it would definitely be smarter to have a different minimalist phone that would support commonly used encrypted messaging platforms, like Signal, Session or Matrix - which would be more useful with Wifi functionality, so the experience wouldn’t feel half-baked. As all of you have mentioned, SMS encryption would be really inefficient (imagine having to convince your friends AGAIN to install another app for communication :crazy_face:). Thus I think that Pure should be kept pure, as its name implies.

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