Alarm clock with power off

One feature I really loved on my old 90s Nokia was that the alarm clock would still ring even if the phone was turned completely off (obviously not if the battery was removed). Would this be possible on the Mudita?


@thinkround Interesting question.! Mudita Pure has 3 modes- Online, Do Not Disturb & Offline. I will check if the alarm would go off during those modes or if the phone is OFF completely.

Was this ever answered?

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Got the answer. The alarm will sound in ALL MODES, even if it’s in OFFLINE mode.


What about OFF mode?
It’s nice to know that it works in OFFLINE mode, but it’s not the same as turning on for the alarm clock, which the Nokia did. In fact, after turning off the alarm it would ask if I wanted to turn the phone on or turn it back off. Now I think of ot, this actually means that Nokia phones could not be turned off completely without removing the battery. Though battery usage was pretty close to nil in OFF mode, only needed to keep the clock ticking.
Is there actually a significant difference in power consumption between OFFLINE and OFF mode in the Mudita Pure?

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Hi @thinkround, welcome back! Thank you for your questions. My answers below:

As of today alarm will not work when the device is turned off.

Yes, there is - I don’t have a specific number though, but it is significant.

I think it’s possible to introduce one more level of depth for the “sleep”, but besides the technical effort I’m not sure if this is actually a good idea for this device.

I understand the value of such feature for some users, but I’m more convinced by the clear & simple philosophy that when I turn the device off, I want it to be 100% off. Yes, I can remove the battery to achieve that, but I don’t want to do it that often. (remove lid, remove battery, put it in a safe place etc).



Thanks Lukasz for the clear answer! I actually like that it’s completely off when turned off. I remember the year 2007, when a guy told me he removes his battery in his Nokia, because intelligence agencies would otherwise have the ability to eavesdrop on him and his friends. Back then this sounded unbelievable and like just another conspiracy theory, but most of us know today that this is actually possible. So who knows, maybe he was right!

Fun fact: my Nokia could keep the current time in memory for about 10 seconds, so if you’re quick with swapping sim cards it wouldn’t ask the time when starting.
Does the Pure keep track of time and date without battery at all?

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@thinkround I was told that Mudita Pure will not keep track of the time & date without the battery in place.