Affiliate Program?

I am on online marketer and have already pre-ordered a Mudita Pure. I’m excited about the product and would love to promote it online. Do you have or is there an affiliate program in the works so online marketers can get a percentage of the sales for promoting your products? Thank you so much and can’t wait to get my phone!


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@wrholland Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it! I’m going to pass your info on to one of our team members who is responsible for this type of marketing. They will get in touch with you. Thank you again for your order! I’m sure you’ll enjoy using it, as much as we loved creating it.

Hey @wrholland! Thanks for your message! Currently we don’t do it but we are considering it. Are you interested in helping us spread the word? We can catch up on a quick call to see possibilities! Let me know :slight_smile:
All the best!

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