Advice, any 3g phones still serviceable in the US?

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I was interested in the Mudita when I first read about it, but needed to get a phone right away. I started experiencing electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms last year and have had a difficult time identifying a cell phone I am comfortable with, since companies are no longer willing to service 3g phones in the states (unless someone is grandfathered in). The company I’d been with phased out 3g at the end of 2021. The new flip phones or non smart phones that are available are all really big and styled after smart phones. The one I ended up with in the short term, a trackfone flip, I don’t like and I get symptoms using it–I am not sure if this is related to it being 4G. I am wondering if anyone here can recommend a decent and simple phone, that I can get reasonable service for (and hopefully won’t break the bank?). I’m not in a place right now to get on a waitlist for a Mudita, unfortunately. If anyone has any tips or ideas, I would be much appreciative, thank you.

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Nokia 225 4G? 3G phones are not going to continue to work at all so does that

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@snp, here are the 3G retirement dates in the USA this year (2022):

  • AT&T’s 3G: February 22
  • T-Mobile’s Sprint 3G: March 31
  • T-Mobile’s UMTS 3G: July 1
  • Verizon’s 3G: December 31

All U.S.-based MVNOs ride on AT&T or T-Mobile or Verizon, so there will be NO 3G service available in the USA after 31 December 2022.


Today is the final day in the USA for T-Mobile to support 3G Sprint phones. I helped someone two days ago who was in a panic because she had just learned that she was losing her cellular service today. She’s getting a 4G phone and switching to an MVNO (PureTalkUSA) that rides on the AT&T Mobility network.

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You guys know that I’m a Blackberry fan- They have a blog & I found this article interesting.

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