Ads everywhere!

I just stumbled upon this article. It’s about a company that wants to put ads, instant gratification and infinite stream of easy to consume content on the lock screen. Great, now you can get addicted without even unlocking the phone, what a great idea! This ad company is teaming up with US carriers to take over your lock screen


This is HORRIBLE!! Just horrible. I wonder if EVERYONE will have it or, for example, if you want your smartphone at a cheaper price, they can put Glance on the device to offset the cost of a phone.

That said, this part of the article says everything about the cell phone market in the US:

"In contrast to Asia, where the company is working directly with smartphone manufacturers, Glance seems to focus on carriers in the US. This makes sense, given the iron grip mobile operators have on the smartphone market. "


Thank you for sharing that article, @john_dumpling!

Talk about training users to pick up their cellphones a thousand times a day to seek diversion from the everyday pains of life.

This to me is digital anesthesia.


@kirkmahoneyphd some call it “cyber-loafing”


I hope that Apple will not follow it, because the new OS 16 update will bring a lock screen customization.

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