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Hey Nick, just joined here after coming across some of your products on Instagram. Really love the look and concept behind it all. I wondered what the challenges have been for you guys starting a company like this, especially when it comes to what business model you use. Have you found something that can align with your mission or will you go down a more traditional route? I was grateful to find out about Centre for Humane Technology through your website as they had some great thoughts on the topic.


Hey Harry,

We’re happy you like the concept! Soon we will be revealing more information about the phone and the project including our background stories, we’d love to know your feedback once we share it!

When it come to our business model, it’s simply the selling of high quality electronic devices that put people first. In terms of challenges, I don’t even know where to start. We acknowledge the difficulty of delivering hardware products, as we know that so many things can go wrong, so we try to test it as early as possible and iterate based on that.

We faced a significant challenge in terms of envisaging how we could provide a high quality phone with the best components and a durable body, especially when we don’t have the negotiation power of a large technology company.

The Centre for Humane Technology do some amazing things, we’re glad we were able to help you find out more about them via our site.