A world beyond Mudita :)

As you guys know, at Mudita, we love to hear your insights.

Although we’re all on different paths, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all on some kind of journey towards mindfulness, minimalism, and meaningful living, and here at Mudita, we’re continually inspired by the collective wisdom that each one of you brings to this awesome FORUM.

Your insights, experiences, and stories are the lifeblood of our community, enriching us all and guiding us toward a more harmonious existence.

We believe that the best way to grow and evolve is through open dialogue and shared wisdom. That’s why, I personally, love it when a conversation goes beyond our products and delves into the essence of what makes life truly fulfilling. (I know the rest of the Mudita Team appreciates it too)

Recently, we had a discussion within the Mudita Pioneer Club about places where our Pioneers feel that the Mudita brand is missing in their world. This got me thinking about the rest of the forum and how the world of mindful tech use, slow living and the essence of mindfulness is so much bigger than Mudita.

That’s why, we would love to open up this discussion to the rest of the forum. In the spirit of our shared journey, we’d love to hear what resonates with you, what adds value to your life, and where you find resources which align with the Mudita ethos.

Where do you discover useful content which resonates with the essence of Mudita’s message?

Beyond the Mudita Brand, what other products have have you used in a way that brings harmony, minimalism, and beauty into your daily experience?

Please feel free to share the mindful spaces, whether online or physical, where you find/acquire these life-enhancing products?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this :slight_smile:


In Germany, there is this really cool online store called SatNam. They sell all sorts of things connected to Yoga & Meditation. They even have a meditation clock


I want to bump this post up & I suggest on of the places I like to shop in Warsaw:

They have an online store, plus a stationary store here in Warsaw, on Spokojna 7.

It’s fantastic to see Mudita fostering such a vibrant and insightful community! I’m sure many of us here resonate with your mission of mindfulness, minimalism, and meaningful living. Beyond the Mudita brand, there are numerous resources and products out there that align with these principles. Places like Reddit’s r/minimalism and r/simpleliving, mindfulness apps like Calm and Headspace, and minimalist lifestyle books such as “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo offer valuable insights and tools for a more harmonious existence. It’s heartening to see people coming together to share their wisdom on this beautiful journey. :seedling: