A few questions

I am interested in The Mudita Pure phone.
However, I will be moving to Japan next year in April.
Will it work in Japan? I want to make sure when I buy it I can actually use it .From my knowledge the main provider is NTT Docomo.

Also, why is it not going to be ready until May?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @River_Mansueti,

Yes, Mudita Pure should work in Japan, however, it will not have a Japanese keyboard.

We are discussing the possibility of new languages being added at a later date via desktop app updates. It won’t be ready until May because we are manufacturing Mudita Pure in Poland and that’s when we plan on shipping our product.


I need to dig out this old thread again as I don’t want to exclude the possibility to move to Japan myself again in a few years.

So my question is: Do you, at this point, already know if Japanese will be among the languages available for later addition?
For me it would be enough if it were not possible to actually type on Japanese on the MuPu itself, but just to display the characters and everything related. It would be great if I could just connect the phone to my pc and use my pc for actual typing Japanese texts on the MuPu.

Btw: The abbreviation MuPu would work also in the Japanese language, and one reading for the syllable mu is 無, which means “nothing”. Sounds very Zen, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t that be perfect for marketing, if you one day should want to sell the phone to a Japanese market? :wink: :laughing:
(Japan is always regarded as a technical paradise, but I’m pretty sure there are like-minded people as us over there, maybe not in Tokyo, but in more rural areas which Japan as a lot of.)

@anny_way Sorry for the delay in answering this. I’m not sure how I missed this.
As of now, we don’t have any plans for the Japanese language. Mudita Pure does not have a Japanese keyboard, so I’m not sure how it would work in that situation. However, 'we’re always open to help with localization. You know, earlier this year, a dedicated group of Mudita Community members took it upon themselves to undertake the localization of MuditaOS & by adapted the MuditaOS software to the Swedish language, regional peculiarities and technical requirements of the target locale. The localization has since been implemented in the newest versions of the MuditaOS.
So, if something like this interests you, you’re more than welcome to try.