You bought a Mudita Pure & now what?

Many who bought Mudita Pure, bought it with certain hopes & expectations- most of which involve spending time offline.

Whether you value security & privacy, are concerned about EMFs, are looking to disconnect from immersive technology, or perhaps all of the above, you generally have an idea about how Mudita Pure will fit into your life.
However, not everyone has a clear path to digital minimalism. I’ve chatted privately with some buyers who don’t necessarily have a specific plan & truth be told, don’t really know where to start. Do you guys think that moving towards a more technologically mindful lifestyle should be done with a certain amount of preparation, taking baby steps? Or should someone just dive in, head first into the offline tranquility pool? Even though we know that the feeling is FANTASTIC, it might be a bit of a shock when done cold turkey.

Do you think it might be helpful for Mudita to offer some free digital detox support for Mudita Pure users?

Let us know your thoughts.


The moment I ordered Pure, I deleted my work smartphone (which was my only phone) and put it in the drawer. It serves as a camera for process instructions documents a few times a month. I have an old basic phone for calls and text messages and that’s it. But I haven’t had a fb or ig account for quite some time (years), so meaybe that’s why it was no big deal for me.
I don’t understand what all the drama about group text messaging is… (it’s just a simpler social network tool).

Bought a domain with a 5gb e-mail and deleted the Amazon account. Working toward deletion of Google account…

I love the simplicity and peace it has brought into my life.
All thanks to you guys and this community, for openning my eyes.


Yes – similar to your great articles about breathing and sleep!

Topics might include:

  • Preparing yourself for the switch to the Pure
    • FOMO
    • Uninstalling smartphone apps that can be used better on a computer or tablet
    • Putting a smartphone into black-&-white mode
    • Arranging smartphone apps to match the Pure home screen
    • Dedicating an old smartphone as an audio player
    • Carrying a point-&-shoot camera
    • Getting a dedicated GPS unit for navigation
      I recently got the Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Traffic, which requires no Garmin account and no smartphone but instead, at least in the USA, gets current traffic info from HD radio, and I love it!
  • Preparing others for your switch to the Pure
    • Explaining SMS vs. MMS
    • Explaining group text vs. one-to-one text
    • Talking about E Ink when you catch them squinting in bright sunlight at their smartphone screens
      I discovered the Pure because I was looking for a cellphone with an E Ink display, not because at that point I was focused on the addictiveness of smartphones.
    • Discussing other features and benefits of the Pure

As a member of Mudita Team I had a pleasure to test Mudita Pure for a week. I obviously did it without any preparation and for a week it was fine. However, I can’t imagine doing it this way in a long term. I would certainly need a plan, perhaps some advices and maybe some motivation from time to time, just to remind myself why digital detox, learning healthy habits if it comes to technology, and spending more time offline is what makes me happier, healthier, and more creative. It would be good to have it all in one place, so I wouldn’t have to search through all the articles on the internet (some are good, and some not so much). Kind of knowledge and experience base would work for me :raised_hands:


Every year I do a digi-detox for 2 weeks; remove my social media, remove the BBC News app and only keep Whatsapp and Deezer for music on my work phone.

Around 4/5 weeks ago I started deleting my social media accounts, a week apart, to begin the transition to Pure! Feels very odd at certain times; waiting for a train, friend goes to the bathroom when out at the pub, in bed on an evening - theres no Instagram stories to look at and endless scrolling of News. The difference for me is my sleep, it really does improve when i’m not using my smart phone.

When the Pure launches, I intend to keep away from my social media and use my work phone for Whatsapp and Deezer for music. Roll on launch day :smiley:


This video starting at 3:06 has a good discussion of digital detox by Dave Rubin, who does his own digital detox for a full month (August) every year:


@kirkmahoneyphd ONE WHOLE MONTH! That’s impressive.

This past two years I’ve been trying to get things simplified somewhat. I don’t really buy into some of the claims by minimalist philosophers or their digital analogues because it’s a movement that has a whiff of being polluted with some disingenuous money makers. (I’m not levelling that accusation against anyone here. )

The Sony Playstation marketers used to target 19yo males in their ads as that was the age every adolescent wishes they were, and every man wished he could go back to. There’s a strange truth in that…

When I was 19, I was reading Calvin and Hobbes. My watch was analogue. I was happy studying astronomy. I had time. I had a basic phone, maybe a Nokia.

In the intervening years I have accumulated sooooo much stuff. So much that would take a lifetime to get value from. I have a family with young children. I don’t have free time.

So the last two years I’ve been ebay selling sooooo much stuff and people will buy even old magazines destined for recycling. And that has really helped me realise that there is such a small pool of stuff I need (well, want) and so much I will never have time to enjoy. And that’s just stuff. The important things are the people, the time, looking at stars and birds, listening to new and old music (Ravel, Cohen, Avalanches), books (Musashi was a mind opener, even though it’s a romanticism).

This isn’t an argument for the phone you are making, but it illustrates why I went looking for phones like this. I don’t have time to devote to scrolling through the internet or getting into dumb arguments about internet things. Light phone seemed a good idea, but it’s not compatible here. Mudita seems to be. I’m not as bothered by 5g, but I am interested in a disconnected device as a way to get my mind back to simpler interests.

I’m glad that these reasons or motivations can differ from those of your other customers because it means that you can have a few other avenues to explore and develop and maybe in the future you can do something for someone else that they haven’t been able to find in any other products.


^ I rediscovered eBay this year and now sell there – in batches for the trips-to-the-post-office efficiency of it – several things that I no longer want in exchange for money to buy a single thing that I do want. eBay has become a great way to simplify my life.


[Compared to chocolate cake] Smartphones and the Internet, on the other hand, are lacking a natural stopping-cue.

^ Brilliant point by Lisa Dunbar in this video:

First off, wear a watch, so that you’re not looking at your [smart]phone every time that you want to know what time it is. And, while you’re at it, get yourself an alarm clock, so that your [smart]phone is not the thing waking you up in the morning and you’re not, sort of, falling down the rabbit hole before you’ve barely even opened your eyes.

^ Such as the Mudita Moment and the Mudita Harmony?

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@kirkmahoneyphd Lisa Dunbar is 100% correct!

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Very happy with my current relationship with technology; mudita is simply replacing my beat up MP02 (I will attempt to be nicer to this phone).

My plan right now is, seeing as the OS is open source, me and my partner are looking to build a satellite phone attachment to it so we can get even better signal when our lives depend on it. Ideally I’d like to build a big-ole 3D printed case with sat. phone internals that links to the phone VIA USB C, a battery composed of at least 4 18650s and a ring to attach a carabiner to so I can put it on a lanyard.


Smartphones lack a natural stopping queue is a fantastic distillation of everything that is wrong with internet addiction. What a fantastic point. ( Coincidentally it’s also a good argument for Samsung note 7 batteries as they do make for a natural stopping point, albeit a bit explodey).

Smartphones are a democratising device like cigarettes, drinking and anything else we do with our hands in social situations. They can enable communication beyond peer, class and social boundaries. Unfortunately they tend to come with a different set of negative side effects just as do smoking and drinking, but we regulate those with laws.


Id love to detox from distractions and that’s why I bought this product but let’s face it,
I need at least a map to guide myself, and a basic messaging app in order to communicate with the rest not minimalistic tech people.
It was promised from the beginning but I cant find a way to install those features. Any ideas about it?

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@berlin40 We understand that Mudita Pure may not work for everyone, after all, it is a phone it its PUREST form. However, we have many exciting things planned for the future, so stay tuned :smiley:

Is there anyone that gave up there smart phone completely?

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While waiting for my Mudita Pure, I use my Android-7 phone in grayscale mode as if it were a Pure – with the various Pure features, and without these non-Pure features:

  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Internet
  • MMS

I have been using my Android-7 phone in this way for several months.

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Haven’t used a smartphone as my phone for the past 2 years. I still have one at home, but that’s for accessing whatsapp and keeping my computer synced with that haha

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Nice, yeah I am trying to go the same route, just trying to find a buyers for my key 2 le, and my punkt. I ordered the AGM M6, will probably sell that too I really want the mudita pure. I watched your review and I definitely want to be isolated from everyone just texting and calling. I truly love this minimalist life. This morning I donated both my chromebooks to a kids charity, so all I have left is my work laptop.

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If you are in the target demographic, the Mudita Pure is a good phone :slight_smile:

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