Wondering it could be my primary device?

Hi everyone,

I definitely love the idea of this product and I want to ask that is it possible to use Pure as primary device in modern world?

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It depends on your needs. I have compiled a list of functions for Alternative OS like Mudita or Light Phone and you can see if Mudita will satisfy your needs as a primary device.

Here is the list --> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zKJW81uWK2MAx9KTAlSKCP9uF54zxuJiVZaJsTfXJQs/edit?usp=sharing

I also assumed some of the most “essential” apps or services.


Hey @samjieren, thanks for your question.

I think it is possible as most things can be done in alternative ways. However, it might be difficult to change your habits if you’re really used to using a smartphone.

I’ve listed some examples below. Although some of these might not be relevant to you personally, I’ve listed as many as I could think of:

  • Rather than using maps on your phone to get somewhere, you could use a physical map (either printed or as a drawing depending on the route) or another device (if the destination is particularly far away).
  • You could try using email, messaging and social media services on a personal computer rather than on a phone.
  • Reading or using physical books and libraries to source information rather than search engines and digital files such as PDFs.
  • Learn how to do things by going to physical classes rather than online classes where possible, rather than watching YouTube videos. This of course is not advised during a pandemic lockdown but there are a lot of ‘group based classes’ which people do using their personal computers.
  • Getting out there and meeting people in real life to form sexual relationships, rather than becoming reliant on screen based pornography, again this is not recommended during a pandemic lockdown.
  • Playing board games or doing physical activities rather than playing video games on your phone or another form of console.
  • Using a camera that isn’t attached to a phone to take photographs.
  • Call to use taxi services, rather than through an app.
  • Call to order food, rather than using an app.

I might have missed some things.
If I have let me know and I’ll try to think of a ‘phone free comparison’ to help!


Hi Tiffany,
Thanks for listing out the life without smartphone and it shows the helpfulness of Mudita’s employees . Please share to everyone if possible.


I also like to think about how people used to live before the smartphone era. They weren’t less efficient ! They were just using devices that had one or few specific functionalities. All is about learning how to do things without a smartphone back. I’ve bought an analog alarm clock, and it just goes fine ! My mom bought a GPS so she doesn’t depends on her phone, and it is also super fine !

Using mudita pure phone as a primary device will mainly imply that you change your habits, and the way you use technology daily.


Oh, yes, of course, alarm clock! Thanks @binarysteve!

That’s something I left off the list (by accident) but you’re so right, it’s something a lot of people use their smartphones for. The separate GPS option works too as a good example!

Pure will definitely help people to change their daily technology habits.