Why should it succeed?

I’m not against this product per de (maybe except for brand name, in Russian it has quite a disappointing meaning)
But considering that there were already about 5 projects that tried (and mostly failed) to bring a distraction-free phone to the market (not to mention that you could just disable data communications and notifications in your current smartphone, uninstall all apps and get experience similar to Mudita Phone for free) - what makes Mudita Phone different? Why would a person choose it over existing alternatives?


Hi @Pavel_Vishnyakov, welcome to the Mudita forum. What does Mudita mean in Russian? I don’t speak Russian, so I don’t know.

It’s important to remember that even when people have tried and failed at something, that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t try, or should give up. Imagine if somebody had told Picasso “There are already portrait painters, why don’t you do something else?” The world is full of people who do the same thing, or try to do the same thing in their own way and that’s OK.

We cannot predict the future but we can do our best to help people spend less time online. We mention more about why we do what we do on our website. For some people, myself included, Mudita Pure will be a secondary phone. I’m dealing with nomophobia. I mean, it’s Sunday and I’m replying to forum comments, I really struggle to switch off. I work in tech and have my phone in black and white most of the time but if I remove apps, I download them again, if I turn off data, I turn it back on again and so on. I am not alone with these behaviours.

Mudita supports all of the methods that someone might choose in order to spend less time online. One of those methods is to use Pure but you’re right that there are plenty of other options. I hope this reply answers your questions, if not, please let me know. I would be happy to chat to you about this in more detail.


in Russian it sound similar to word “мудила” (mudila, [mʊˈdʲiɫə]), which is a swear word used to describe a lazy, stupid or a nonpleasant person


Hey @Pavel_Vishnyakov, ah I see. Thanks for letting me know. We have an article on our blog about what the word ‘Mudita’ means to us, if you’re interested. We also found this link to what Mudita means in Russian, according to the link it means ‘glad’.