When is the big update coming?

We were expecting last month that there was a large update coming for the Pure to address a number of the main issues.
@Mudita, Do we have any ETA on the update ?



@rumpole Thanks for your question. We are finalizing the next BIG update as I write this. There are two items that still need to be ironed out, before we are ready to release this new update. After speaking to our tech team, we believe it will be in the next couple of week. Certainly this month. Hopefully, this helps.


Hey urszula!
Thank you for the positive vibes you are spreading! I had a similar job before and know how hard it is to keep the customers (and yourself) calm while the developers sit in their “ivory castle” and don’t give the answers you (and especially everybody) want to hear.
None the less, maybe it would be nice to have a little maintained overview list for the community what topics we could expect to be fixed with the next update.
Best wishes and a bit of candy :wink:


@candyshock Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes, it does get difficult sometimes, but I try to keep an optimistic approach to everything. I know our devs are working very hard & really do believe in the product. It’s not as easy as we would like it to be.