What is Black Friday?

I’ve never really understood Black Friday.

I like Deciem’s approach to hyperconsumerism, closing their website and stores on Black Friday!


Woah. Deciem is wonderful for doing this.

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I am from the UK and I have thought for a long term that Black Friday is silly for us. It seems to have come out of nowhere over the last few years and it now pretty aggressively forced upon us.
I love the idea of ‘Buy Nothing Day’, that is awesome.

Thank you for such an excellent article, with mindsets like this behind the scenes of Mudita, I am prouder than ever to support.


Thanks @simpledude! We totally agree, Buy Nothing Day sounds fantastic.


Black Friday is somewhat a scam. I love to play board games with the guys and one of them was eager to go to the mall during Black Friday, to see if a certain board game was on discount. It was not! Despite it had the “- 30%” stamp, the real price was precisely the same as ever. So I say Black Friday is a day that celebrates the population’s desire for wild consumerism. It has more adherence from people that the european day without cars.

Oh man…Black Friday is materialism and consumerism at its worse. On the same day you celebrate Thanksgiving. Saying how grateful you are for everything, you then rush out the house to the stores to get items that are said to be marked down and load up on goods and fight against the crowds to get those items. There are videos online of people brawling over the last of an item. I can’t stand being around a lot of people. I don’t do it. I prefer Cyber Monday.