What about the reparability of Pure?

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I’ve been looking in your website but I’ve not found any clue about the ability of the Pure to be repaired. What about the components ? Will it be easy to repair the phone if it’s broken ? At home, or by contacting the SAV ?

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I think that they have planned it to be reparable, at a low cost. It was an instagram post, if I remember well !

Their philosophy relies on the durability, not consumerism. By this, I mean that it would be incoherent for them to not make a durable phone, that’s easily repairable. ^^

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Thanks for you answer ! I think the same, but I’ve not seen any information about this aspect and I’m surprised because it’s definitely a big point.
Hope someone will provide some precise informations though, in order to be absolutely sure concerning their choices. :slight_smile:

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I can try to find it back for you !

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Heya @mathieu1 !

I’ve found it ! If mudita says it, then it must be true. :wink:


Thanks very much @binarysteve !! Much appreciated !


You’re welcome ! I’m always happy to help people around me (physically or virtually :wink:)

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