Vote for Breath!

We are pleased to announce that our design of Mudita Breath medical ventilator has been Shortlisted for Phase 2 of the A’ Design Award & Competition ‘War on Virus’ competition.

Support Mudita Breath and help us fight the virus! Vote for our project here:

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How to vote:

  1. Click the link.

  2. Click the big red button ‘Vote for This Entry’.

  3. When the new tab opens scroll down to find ‘Mudita Breath’.

  4. Click ‘Consiglia’.

  5. That’s it!


Done! Thanks for letting us know


Disconcerting that Mudita is pushing the fallacy of the covid response. In this phone I want freedom from tyranny that is coming, not company that goes along with this fake “war on a virus”.

what do you mean fake war?

@alan1970 The Mudita Breath medical ventilator is a medical device which can be used to help patients with a wide variety of medical conditions which impact their respiratory functions. In the current situation, it is being connected to the covid-19 pandemic because of the effect the virus has had on our society.

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Did FDA approval ever come through for the Mudita Breath medical ventilator? I know this is a difficult thing to achieve and may take some time…

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@gmbeihl Not yet. We are still eagerly waiting to hear from them. You can say that were waiting with “bated breath.” :wink: