The pitfalls of too much technology

Technology has transformed our lives. In the past few decades, the future seemed to move toward more ever-present technology, intended to be integrated into even more areas of our lives. It seems technology moves faster than our imaginations can keep up with.
However, more and more information is coming to light which highlights the negative aspects of too much immersive technology.
Perhaps it’s time to scale back?
We discuss the concept of mindful technology use in an article on our blog:

In your opinion, why is a more limited, balanced approach better than always being connected & tethered to technology.

That’s a leading question, but I’ll answer it anyway! For me, in-person communication is more meaningful than any technology-based communication (TBC). I put email, my own websites, and forums such as this one at the top of TBC when I have a lot to share in an organized way. I put telephone calls at the top of TBC when I want to strengthen a relationship with someone or when I need instant back-and-forth clarification that email, websites, and forums cannot provide. And, I now see text messaging as better for triggering telephone calls than as a substitute for telephone calls. So, while a computer remains my preferred desktop tool for TBC, the Mudita Pure will be my preferred handheld tool for TBC.

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Found this blog post to be an excellent read :open_book:. Excellent timing too, as I have been struggling with this as of late.


I came across this article over the weekend & it made me realize that, YES, phone addiction is REAL:

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The problem now is that it is very hard to find that so called balance. Everywhere you turn, you have technology. Nothing is really analog anymore.

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