Telstra SIM card works, Optus SIM card makes phone unusable

I’ve recently received my pebble gray Mudita Pure. The phone looks great and feels great to hold. I have noticed a problem with how the phone behaves depending on what SIM card is used.

I’m in Australia where the two largest mobile phone networks are operated by Telstra and Optus.

I have two SIM cards - one is for Southern Phone which connects to the Optus network and the other is for ALDImobile which connects to the Telstra network.

When I try to use the SIM card that connects to the Telstra network, the phone just works without any problems.

When I try to use the SIM card for the Optus network, the phone will appear to lock up and pressing the keys on the front of the phone will do nothing. However, pressing the right selection key (top most, right most key on the front of the phone) will cause the phone to reboot and start the first time set up process again. Trying to use the Optus SIM card puts the phone into a state where it is completely unusable. I wasn’t even able to turn the phone off until I took out the Optus SIM card, as pushing the right selection key would only cause the phone to reboot and not turn off.

Do I need to log a support ticket for this issue, or is this a known bug that will be addressed in a future release of MuditaOS?


@user1 I just wanted to follow up on your post & see how your experience with Telstra is going.

@user1 I’m using an Optus sim in it and I haven’t had this issue at all.
I’ve recently had to put my sim back into my iPhone because the low-sar antenna means I’ve missed quite a few important calls lately due to no reception, and I’m investigating using Telstra in the meantime as I really, really love the Pure – how are Telstra? Do you get good coverage?


@grilledcheesebb I’ve never had particularly good coverage where I live. When I don’t use the Pure, I’m using a Nokia 225 4G (from JB Hifi). Even this phone never indicates full signal strength. I also have a work phone, provided by my employer, which is an iPhone, and most of the time it only displays one bar on the signal strength indicator.

I’m about 1.5km from a mobile tower in a straight line, so not sure why the signal is so bad with any phone that I have in my house.

With regards to Telstra vs Optus, I was using a SIM card that connects to the Optus network (from Southern Phone). Every time I put this SIM card into my Pure, the Pure would have the problems that I described above. Luckily, Southern Phone lets you choose whether you want your phone plan on the Telstra network or on Optus, so I was able to get them to send me a Telstra SIM to replace the Optus SIM that I was using.

When I was using the Nokia 225 with the Optus SIM, it would often get people complaining to me that they could not understand me on the phone. I could also hear them cutting out as well, during conversations . I have not had these problems since switching to the Telstra SIM.

That said, with the Pure and the Telstra SIM, sometimes it will connect and sometimes it just won’t. For example, today my Pure has not been able to connect to the network at all. Sometimes it stays connected all day. I’m fairly certain this is not the fault of the Pure, but just a weak mobile signal inside my house.

If you are interested to see if using a Telstra SIM will give you a better experience on your Pure, and you don’t want to go through the whole process of moving your phone number from one provider to another, try one of those $5 SIM cards from Aldi. Aldi use the Telstra network.


@urszula The Telstra SIM is certainly better than the Optus SIM. But sometimes the Pure does still not connect to the network.

As I mentioned in my reply @grilledcheesebb, even the iPhone that I was given by my employer (as a work phone) almost always only shows one bar of signal strength and it is on the Telstra network.

I think that there is just poor mobile network coverage where I live.


@user1 Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it.