Suggestion: Desktop for Linux desktops via Appimage, Flatpak, or Snap

Will the Desktop app be available to Linux desktops via Appimage, Flatpak, or Snap?
Being that MuditaOS is supposed to be open source, it only makes sense that a desktop app would also exist for Open Source desktop OS’. What do you guys think?


As long as it is free software/open source and easily reachable by everyone I don’t care about the format of distribution

@anon50734617 Then I assume this is something you would easily support. :grin:

Hi @seven
Mudita Center (the desktop app for Pure) is currently written in JavaScript (Node.js) and will be distributed as an Electron app. Thanks for suggesting these formats of distributing Linux apps - we’ll look into them and see whether it can become our way-to-go for the future.

All the best!


Thank you for the reply. It is appreciated! :sunglasses:

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@seven I’ve checked with our dev team and the Linux version of Mudita Center is already distributed in AppImage format :sunglasses:


@Wojciech_Cichon Thank you so much for the update! It is appreciated! :sunglasses: