Speakers stopped working after 2 months

Hello everyone,
I received my Mudita Pure at the end of May and my experience so far has been quite pleasant, in spite of some problems and/or necessary workarounds that most reviews already pointed out. All in all, it brought (way) more benefits than losses over my old smartphone, so it’s all good in my books.

However, two days ago, the speakers stopped working. I don’t know where this comes from as I have not dropped the phone, or damaged it of some sort. This problem is more troublesome than the others because I cannot hear my Mudita ring anymore nor I can put the speakers on as I’m on a call. At times I get a brief scratchy sound that lasts for less than a second when the speaker is supposed to be working, but nothing more.
Is this issue (speakers reliability, I suppose) something the team has heard about ?

Is there a way to ask for a replacement of the phone ? I was quite happy about it and not being able to hear a phone call nor putting the speakers on is quite annoying.

Thanks in advance,



@idleterry I’m sorry that you’re experiencing issues. If nothing seems to work you can definitely put in a Warranty claim.