So you want more privacy & security? Look no further-Mudita Space is HERE

This forum is full of threads where we discuss privacy & security. Namely the lack thereof when choosing to use conventional big tech platforms.

Recently, we’ve examined the pros & cons of when our digital/cyber existence is limited to one big tech ecosystem, which sometimes may disregard our privacy for the sake of profits or other various reasons.

With that in mind, we would like to invite our Mudita Community to beta test the latest product from Mudita:

Mudita Space

In line with the company’s privacy-first ethos, Mudita Space is safe haven for your everyday online activities.

It’s set of privacy-focused apps and services which help develop healthy habits while you get things done. Mudita Space features a distraction-free UX, end-to-end encryption, and well-being features, that will enable you to be both-connected and present.

The servers are hosted in Switzerland on fully carbon-neutral infrastructure.

The first app available for testing in closed beta will be Mudita Storage. It’s-an end-to-end encrypted, carbon-neutral cloud storage with an additional notes & to-do list app.

Sign up on the dedicated website:

Who’s in? We’d love to hear your feedback.


I signed up already. :slight_smile:

Off topic: @urszula, I need to change the email for this forum. Should I send you a message?

@urszula: Thank you! I signed up, but I did not understand why I had to supply an Apple ID or a Google Play Store identity, given that many of us Mudita Pure backers are trying to “escape” from Apple and Google.


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@kirkmahoneyphd I think it’s only if you want to transfer any data- but I will check why they request this.

@kirkmahoneyphd I just spoke to our team & it’s actually because eventually we do plan on distributing Mudita Space through the Google Play store & the Apple store & asking for the ID is to make sure we can send you app directly to your phone. Mudita Space will consist of a number of apps, just like the webpage describes:

It will be a very direct way to reach clients who are looking to make the switch. Perhaps you might know another way we can distribute the service that we might have not considered? If you do- then definitely let us know.


Brilliant… wish I had a smartphone :grin:


So, Mudita Space is NOT meant for Mudita Pure owners? I am confused. Sorry!

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@kirkmahoneyphd It is MEANT for Mudita Pure owners, but it won’t be exclusive to Mudita Pure owners. If someone has an Android & doesn’t feel like they can switch to Mudita Pure for whatever reason, but they don’t want Google scanning their emails or cloud-based storage then they can use Mudita Space & all the apps connected with it.


This is great. It makes the prospect of switching to mudita more appealing. I have been looking for a device that prioritizes simplicity and security. Is there any additional information about the messaging and security around it?


So, the Mudita Desktop app will synchronize the Mudita Pure’s calendar with the Mudita Space’s calendar, will synchronize the Mudita Pure’s contacts with the Mudita Spaces contacts, etc.?


This would be ideal, however, the vision is big and we need support from the community to let us know whether this is something you want to have. I think that the calendar won’t be available as soon as Mudita Pure and Mudita Center (Desktop app) will premiere, but in general, the answer is YES. We want to have our own software suite of apps that’s private, environment-friendly, and gives you peace of mind that the data stored there is yours to own.


Then, as I understand, when connected to a computer, the user can have access to this Suite through Mudita Center or also from Mudita Pure ?

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@andy We’re creating software services that sooner or later might be a part of Mudita Center or even Mudita Pure if the community responses that this is what they need. Please remember that closed beta programs are mainly what works and what doesn’t, so please let us know what would work for you in terms of Mudita-esque software and current and future electronic products. As you know, your suggestions & comments are very valuable to us & we do take everything under consideration.


It is what we wantwe arent buying smartphones from you we are moving away from smartphones so we want these services acessable from our laptops not on iphones and android devices we are moving away from so will some one using only a laptop anda mudita pure have access to this bundle of services or only those buying iphones and android phones?


@jameshjacksonjr Ideally, we would like to cater to our Pure community, with the possibility of a way of reaching iPhone & Android users as well. When someone makes the conscious choice to buy the Mudita Pure & moves totally to our set of privacy-focused apps and services- that’s FANTASTIC! However, some people might need a little bit of an extra push. They might want to experience privacy-focused apps and services FIRST, while still being Android or Apple users & the decide- “hey, this is GREAT, I don’t need android or apple. Let me just get the Mudita Pure & stay completely in that ecosystem.” We want to be very inclusive that way, plus we want to give people options to chose what they want & don’t want to use.


@urszula: I would also refer that iOS and Android are available in tablets/iPads. If I’m accepted as beta tester, I’ll use the apps in my iPad, not on smartphone, which will be the test fire for my work productivity.


Thanks for your kind answer @urszula


YES YES YES! Very exciting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Had the same thought.

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Web apps support for this would be awesome as well. Kinda like google drive where it is accessible everywhere, obviously that is a lot of testing and supporting different apps. But would be sweet.