Shipping to Asia?


Recently I found this awesome project and tried to pre-order the Mudita Pure.
Unfortunatly, it seems that Pure will not shipping to the most of Asian countries.
And I’m living in one of the Northeast Asia country. Is there any reason behind this exclusion?

Thank you.

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Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, in some countries, in order to be able to sell your products, it’s obligatory to go through additional certifications, dedicated to their markets. So we had to make some difficult decisions, identifying countries where we will not be able to sell Mudita Pure, at least initially, due to either high costs or long certification procedures.

We’ve been fighting for every country where Mudita Pure had at least one backer and we’ve won some of these battles. In other cases, like Asian countries, we had to admit that for the moment, we will not be able to ship Mudita Pure there.

However the phone will still work normally in most places around the world, the limitations only apply to the sales process.
If you have the option to send a phone to someone you know in the country where Mudita Pure is being shipped to, then you can do so.

I hope that helps. Of course, if you will have any other questions, please let us know.