Screen Time & Happiness

In times like these, when people are increasingly feeling isolated from others, it’s only natural to spend more time on social media in order to connect with other people. However, research is showing that time spent on social media often leads to a rise in mental health challenges like depression, stress & anxiety. In our latest blog post, we discuss the link between screen time & happiness. Is life REALLY better with WiFi? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts.


I find it really depends on the context. I spend more time on this forum than on facebook or whatsapp group chats, because here I can choose myself what I want to read, whereas on social media I am selling my attention to a an algorithm that has been developed to be addictive . Here I have product to be excited about and a hope of contributing to make it better.That makes me happy.


@thinkround You’ve made my day with this post :slight_smile: Really! If you think about it, we are kind of like a digitally mindful social network :slight_smile: I really enjoy spending time on this forum because, just like you said, you can come here, find info that you’re looking for & not worry about the fact that your data is being syphoned for profit as well as to feed the algorithm. PLUS, we get to interact with like-minded individuals who are helpful, insightful & collaborative.


I recently found this forum & I’m considering the Mudita Pure. I really like being on here because the community seems very intentional and not at all superficial like on all the other social media sites where you don’t know what’s real & what is not.

  1. Minimize and arrange the app icons on your home screen to match the features that the Mudita Pure will support.
  2. Uninstall where possible every other app.
  3. Put all remaining apps in a folder or group on a second screen.
  4. If you must use any other iOS or Android app, then use it on a tablet or abandoned smartphone in WiFi mode, if you have one.
  5. Arrange for email- instead of SMS-based notifications from companies (e.g., from a shipping company such as DHL, Fedex, or UPS).
  6. Don’t click links in SMS messages. Instead, enter them in a tablet or computer.
  7. Use an automotive or handheld GPS navigation system and/or plan your travel well in advance.
  8. Start to notice how you reflexively reach for your dumbed-down smartphone and how you can find other, better ways to perform the same task or to distract yourself.