Scheduled switch off / shutdown on Mudita Pure + switch slider button resistance against unwanted change of mode?

Please, i would like to know whether phone has function automatical switch off / shutdown in certain hour? Example - evening 18:00 shutdown / switch off automatically…
Or would be possible to implement?

Please, second question is: How is the mode (connected, not disturbed, offline) switch slider button protected or resistant against unwanted change of customizable modes ?
Thank you

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I had not thought about this at all when I preordered. Now I am having second thoughts because this would be a major flaw if the slider can easily be unknowingly changed by accident such as by sliding it inside one’s pocket. Looking forward to a response.

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Dear Kamilb,

There’s currently no option to turn the phone off automatically - any additional features will be considered once the phone is released - based on user feedback.

Per the switch slider, there’s a certain amount of force that’s needed in order to change the mode. The size of the slider, as well as its finish, was specifically designed not to be susceptible to random friction. All this to make sure you’re the one in control.

(I) hope this shed some light!