Ringtone volume

I know numerous people had issues with the ring volume. Su rprising to me because I have had no issues with it at all. The ringtone volume is solid, it depends what ringtone you use I would not use the chimes or the calmer type ringtones. I have been using the ringtone from the mudita you tube videos. That plus the AMAZING vibration allowes me to NEVER miss calls. Also I LOVE the case. Made so well, keeps the phone very snug and I like the way it fits in the pocket

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@cardio79 Reading this made me see how much you REALLY wanted the Mudita Pure. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for you.

Yup, I still have hope though down the road. I love the Bell and I am most likely buying the Mudita moment. Would be nice to have kept the Mudita. Even now weeks later I was thinking hmmm…I was able to take calls in the basement if I put the phone near the window lol…and even at a friends house I could leave the phone up there and check it every once in awhile. Would be nice to have the bell, the moment and the mudita lol

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@cardio79 I love my Mudita Moment :D. I sent you a DM about some info we’re gathering for future products.