Review of Pure so far

Just got my Mudita Pure a couple of days ago.


  • Onboarding process actually worked really well. Put my sim card in and it worked. I have ATT prepaid for background.
  • Contact import worked well.
  • Texts seemed to work good as well as calls.
  • Backlight seems really nice. (I wish this was a bit more customizable or redone, because I can see the pure perfect in daylight and it is only when it is really dark that I cannot see the display. So I wish the auto sensitivity was geared more towards completely off during any kind of decent light and turn on a little more towards pitch black)
  • Fast boot time

A few minor bugs, nothing super significant.

  • Did have the the buttons lock up where I couldn’t even turn off the phone cause the only button that worked was the back button, but the nav button wouldn’t work so I couldn’t move over to say yes to turning off. (Devs: Maybe a hard shutdown sequence would be nice (Like apples or something), fixed by pulling the battery)
  • Cell reception seems kinda spotty compared to other phones in some places, at least what the display says. (Which it is E-ink low refresh rate so trying to take that in consideration) a reboot seems to maybe help a little. Not concrete of course, cause that is difficult to prove without a second phone right next to it.
  • It would be nice if there was a sound or something when a text actually sends, I had a couple I thought sent and checking back I found out they didn’t. Which I applaud the devs for having the feature that it didn’t send. So excellent work.

Random notes that might help someone else:

  • I figured out that if I get a voicemail I will get a text from 1000000000 or - something like that.
  • To dial your voicemail, call yourself. I don’t know why the 1 key has a voicemail icon on it, but I have held it down and it doesn’t do anything. But maybe they are reserving it for a future update.

Anyways fairly positive so far!