Review of Mudita Bell Clock

Hi folks,
I wanted to offer my very positive feedback for my Mudita Bell Alarm Clock! I received this as a gift this past summer. There was some issues with the original clock but the fine customer service team got me a replacement and I’ve been using it ever since. Here are the highlights:
*Simple and intuitive instructions
*Ability to customize sounds, volume, etc.
*Lovely wake-up sounds (many to choose from) as well as how loud/soft makes this a pleasure to wake up to.
*Rechargeable (no electric plug or replacable batteries)
*Beautiful design
*Very Happy with my clock!
*Request: I would like to use the light feature, on wake-up but it is too bright. I know the stand-alone light feature is bright/dim capable and would love to have this for the alarm as well.
*Lastly, is this Forum, where I can receive new updates on Bell and other products? Thanks again and let me know if you need me to provide this info in an official survey.


@trivalleydan This is exactly the place :smiley: This is the place to be :smiley:


Great & thank you for the warm welcome!


I also have one and I really enjoy it


I have both. I bought them when there was a special for getting two. I was sure I would like the Harmony in my bedroom, but I use the Bell in my bedroom & the Harmony for daily meditation and soothing noises when I work. It’s so much more than an alarm clock. It so versatile for everyday things.