Returning the Sunbeam F1

This is a great device but ultimately I decided I don’t like flip phones lol.
I actually hate having to always flip the phone. Now I am in a dilemma as I have previously said I really love the mudita pure but I am worried about the sound quality issues here in canada. I really do love the look of this phone, I am looking at revisiting the Lp2. I never had quality issues with it and I can get it here much faster. If I could get the mudita in like a month I think I would take a chance with the call quality…decisions decisions lol

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@cardio79 Did you check out the dumb phone finder on @Jose_Briones 's website?
Here’s the link: Dumbphone Finder — Jose Briones


Yeah I have before the biggest issue is a lot of them don’t work in Canada. I did end up purchasing the Punkt again but this time in black. I can get over the not being able to put events in he calendar issue. I loved the form factor of that phone. The sunbeam is too bulky especially when you add the case. Also I don’t like the voice to text feature not because it does not work but because I have found myself using the phone more to chat with people. I need the friction of t9 so I am less inclined to use the phone.