Refresh rate of E-ink screen

Hello, just one more question to add: What is the refresh rate of your E-ink screen?
I read on internet that Hisense uses 30hz E-ink screen for their phones while 45hz is rarely avaliable. I ask this because i would like to know how smoothness of phone will be with it’s screen.

Thank you.

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I’m pretty sure you messed something up.
E-ink screen is designed to not refresh unless you need to change the content displayed, and partly becuase of that the achievable refresh rate is very low - usually below 5Hz.
The advantage of E-ink over OLED, or LED is that it doesn’t require any power to maintain the content, unless you are using backlight.

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Hmm, I probably got misinformed. Then why Hisense phones with E-ink screen are not smooth?
I know that info, and that’s great, but i also wish to know if phone will be less smooth because of E-ink technology.

Presumably - yes.
However since a phone like this is not likely to include any scrolling, or other features that require a high refresh rates, the drawbacks of an e-ink display will be largely mitigated compared to e-ink smartphones.

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I fully agree on that. I wish that future technology could improve it. Sony is coming with it’s Mobius displays, so we’ll see.