Real footage of mudita pure using?

Hello !

I’m really excited about this project, but before I pre-order a mudita pure I think I’d like to see an actual footage of someone using the phone.
It seems like in your videos, you’re using a 3D model, and it looks ultra clean, but what about the UX ?
Could you post a video showing off how it looks when a real human uses the mudita pure ? That would be great. For example, my old kindle is a pain in the smoosh when I use it to browse by library !

Thanks for your answer, and congrats for this project !


Hi Mathieu!
Thank you for your question!

Actually, we just showed short videos in our last update. You can find it here (first from the top):

You can read more about MuditaOS and see how it looks when being used by one of our devs. :slight_smile:
However, remember that on the videos there is Mudita Pure prototype in the 3D printed housing.

We hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, it’s perfect ! I hope there will be more footages in the future :slight_smile:
By the way, I push the open-source idea that is, I think, obviously the choice you should make (from my pov at least).

Have a great day !