Quick summary of several weeks with 1.2.0

Battery life is fixed and it’s good now. (For a 4G phone. It’s not like the old 2G phones but no 4G phone can be.) I went from having to charge several times a day to a few times per week. On par with other 4G dumbphones.

All other issues remain. Dropped calls, crashes, freezes, bad audio.


@sandra: Thank you for that summary! I look forward to another one after you get Mudita’s next update (presumably in June of 2022). I hope that the next update addresses all your other issues. For example, @urszula said several days ago that Mudita sent several Pure phones to Harman Kardon to address the bad audio.


I hope that the next update will address all the main issues.

I believe that I’ll receive the mudita this week. I confess that I’m not too happy with all the reviews about the SMS and calls, the main goal of the phone. They must work perfectly. I also got a bad experience with the harmony. So, let’s see how it goes.


@kirkmahoneyphd I’m checking with our tech team to see what the outcome of that is.


It’s reassuring to see an early indication that one of the biggest issues with the Pure might be fixed.

Assuming that the main issues were battery-life, audio quality, crashes/freezes, dropped-calls, and mangled-texts, this means that a single update has already made the phone 20% better. I’m sure I vaguely remember that text-messaging had already improved in a previous update, so this is potentially 25% better. Or if it was in this update, then we’re looking at a 40% better phone already.

If the phone can be made a little more stable and reliable (no mangled or lost texts, no crashes/freezes), I think I will place my order and gamble that the remaining issues can be fixed in future updates.


I feel like there might be even more crashes and dropped calls and screwed up messages now but IDK. Freezes for sure seem like they’ve gotten worse

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A new Mudita Pure OS update is coming next month. In it, we plan on implementing the following improvements:

  • Further improvements to the life of the battery in Mudita Pure. Our goal is to optimize the performance and improve the longevity of the battery.
  • More Bluetooth improvements to allow Mudita Pair to be paired with devices more smoothly.
  • HFP (Hands-Free Protocol) implementation fixes
  • Additional bug fixes to ensure better device functionality