Pure Bluetooth Functionality plus replacement batteries

Hello all! I have just joined the forum and this is my first post here. I have been a lurker for quite a while, tracking the progress of the Pure’s development and avidly reading the forum. I am very interested in buying this phone. Until recently, I couldn’t be certain I could (financially) afford this device, but I am coming to the conclusion that ethical production, health and wellbeing are worth a premium price, and sacrifices elsewhere might be worth it to afford this. So in a way, I cannot afford not to buy one of these.

My phone history is largely basic phones, although I have used a smartphone in the past (Fairphone 2 with an open-source, de-G**gled ROM and exclusively FLOSS apps).

I’m largely happy with the design and functionality of the Pure as advertised. About the only thing I’d be missing would be T9 and the ability to somehow display a received MMS, but these are not “show-stoppers” for me - and apart from this, I would lose absolutely no functionality by switching to this device as my only phone. Anyway, I’m digressing. On to my two questions:

Firstly - I am aware that the Pure has Bluetooth functionality. Can I ask how complete this is? For instance, when connecting an Android phone and even some older “dumb”-phones to a modern car, the car itself is capable of reading the address book, and sending/reading SMS messages. However, I have noticed that some current basic phones cannot do this (Nokia 3310 3G and KaiOS devices such as the Nokia 800 tough). For these phones, the car works purely as a speaker/microphone. On the few occasions I’m driving a car that’s younger than me, it’s very convenient to tell the car to dial someone from the steering-controls, without manually doing it on the phone. Again, not a show-stopping feature, but a definite convenience.

My second question is - How do customers obtain a spare / replacement battery? You advertise that it’s replaceable, but I don’t see them listed in the online store. This phone is supposed to be built to last, so given the limitations of battery technology, I’ll be expecting to have to replace the battery every few years.

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@forest_cat Thank you for your questions & welcome to the Mudita Community!
I will answer the question about the battery & I will ask my collogue @Bartosz_sp2fet to chime in about the Bluetooth since I’m not very techy when it comes to those things.

The battery in Mudita Pure is removable & replaceable. We do plan on selling it in our online store in the future, however, we, first, need to figure out the best way to do this. You see, all batteries are considered hazardous (by couriers) and are classed as dangerous goods when shipping by air or sea and so they come with certain restrictions. It different if they come shipped with the device or separately (by themselves). Shipping by sea is usually not a problem (BUT it takes a looooong time), it’s the shipping by air that many carriers have an issue with. For the same reason that you’re not allowed to store lithium-ion batteries in your checked luggage because they are highly flammable, many carriers have strict regulations when shipping batteries by themselves.
So to sum up, we do plan on doing it, but we need to figure out the best way to do this so that it’s safe, cost effective & follows all the strict regulations.


Thank you! It is good to know that the intention (at least) is there to provide replacement batteries.

As long as you can sort out the logistics of it before people’s batteries start wearing-out (which I’m guessing will be a long time, thanks to the e-ink etc) I’m completely comfortable and reassured by this.

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@forest_cat The good thing about the Mudita Pure battery is that it’s really LONG lasting :smiley: We performed battery capacity degradation tests, and based on the results it is estimated that ONLY 10% of battery capacity will be lost after 5 years of usage (assuming 1 full charge-discharge cycle per week).
The appeal of the replaceable battery- (for me, at least) is to have one on hand “just in case” I cannot charge my phone for some time, if I am, off grid.
During our tests, an unused, properly stored battery retained it’s charge for about a year.

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This is absolutely perfect! Maybe you could eventually produce a Pure charging-cradle that plugs into the standard USB-C cable. It could have 2 slots: One for the pure, and one for a spare battery, to charge both at the same time. You might be able to circumvent the battery-shipping issues by offering a bundle in the online shop: Pure + charging-cradle + spare battery package.


@forest_cat That’s a GREAT idea. Mudita Pure & a spare battery package. I will definitely run this by our team.

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A to dziwne co piszesz odnośnie baterii. Chciałbym aby tak było. Moją baterię ładuję wieczorem na 100 % a rankiem już 75 % zostaje potem wykonam że trzy połączenia i już mam 50 %. Ledwie dwa dni wytrzymuje a powyłączałem wszystko co się da a więc wibracje podświetlenie dźwięk ustawiony na minimum. To chyba mi się wadliwy egzemplarz trafił skoro twoja tak długo działa. Co może tak drenować moją baterię. Czy jest możliwość wymiany bo telefon mam niespełna miesiąc, a bateria w nim jest z lutego 2021 roku. Czyli może za stara i stąd mam problem. Proszę @urszula o jakieś rozwiązanie problemu. Pozdrawiam

Ja swoją muszę ładować 3 razy w tygodniu a chciałbym tak jak piszesz @urszula raz na tydzień. Ja tobie się to udaje? :wink:

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Hey Urszela :cheese:
So is it better to charge the phone only when the battery is flat?
I’m in the habit of just plugging it in at the end of every day no matter the battery percentage because I’m used to doing that with an iPhone, haha

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@grilledcheesebb :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: If your battery is not depleted, there is no need to charge it. I usually charge my Pure once every 2-3 days.

@piotrek71 Bardzo często używam Mudita Center- Więc pare razy dziennie podłączam się do komputera. Nie jest to długo, może 5-10 min- aczkolwiek jak odpisuje na smsy to telefon się troche podładuje. To na pewno wpływa na to jak długo mi trzyma bateria.

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