Prepare for Pure: Switch to Grayscale!

If you plan to replace your smartphone with a Mudita Pure, then what have you done to prepare for the transition?

  • Suggestion: Switch your smartphone NOW to grayscale!

Learn how at or elsewhere.

Having ordered a Mudita Pure, I switched my Android-7 phone to grayscale several weeks ago. Here’s what I have observed as an Android “Monochromacy” user:

  • Grayscale jarred me when I started to use it.
  • It still jars me a bit.
  • Grayscale made me appreciate how addictive color can be.
  • Once I got past the withdrawal symptoms, I found it more relaxing.
  • Grayscale conveys enough information to be useful.
  • It made me see my cellphone as a tool instead of as an entertainment device that happens to make calls.

If you have switched your smartphone to grayscale, then what has been your experience with it? What else have you done to prepare for the Mudita Pure?


Been doing it for almost a year now on my iPhone SE (the small one). What I did notice is this: when I change to “normal” mode, I found it jarring and irritating over the top. I guess is like when you are in deep silence and all of a sudden someone turns the stereo full blast.

Idk, I think we are adaptive, but that is not always good, since we can get adapted even to unhealthy things and habits.

Maybe we cannot handle well all that information in such a tiny space, let alone the “dopamine effect” used by app developers tweaking sounds and colors to their own ends: keeping us dumb and hooked as much time as possible.


I wonder how I can do this with my Blackberry.

Would this help?

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@kirkmahoneyphd Thanks for this- I will definitely check it out & see if I can make it work.