Predictive text is a must have!

The recent update on increased delay do not include any information on predictive text.
Please @urszula , give us more information on how is it advancing. Given that the new scheduled delivery dates are after the expiration of the japanese patent, maybe T9 would be an option ?


@amsa Thank you for staying on top of the topic. It’s a very good question. I will ask & get back to you.


Adding to this, I am fairly sure in the back of my mind that there are a couple open source C implementations of predictive text. Could also be an opportunity for Mudita to contribute to an ongoing OS project and improve the space for T9 as a technology.


@rhysjones @amsa I think I posted this on a previous thread, but we DO want to take advantage of the additional months for additional software development. We haven’t ruled out predictive texting,. However we are are in the process of verifying which option would be better for us. I don’t think we will go with T9 because there is still a the question of the Japanese patent which expires in June.