Possibility to remove clock and all time indications?

Time is a constant worry in our fast-paced life. Living without worrying what time it is a great thing to do (if you’re lifestyle permits it). In fact, I have tried to live without time by hiding all time indications around the house (hiding the clock on the computer, on the microwave, on the stove, etc) and it is truly amazing. There’s no more stress. No more constant time checking. You’re truly living in the moment. However, the only problematic thing is the phone, because anytime you use a phone you’re reminded what time it is (e.g. there is a clock on the home screen, there are timestamps when receiving messages, etc). Mudita Pure seems like a really good minimalist phone that truly promotes a mindful life, however will it have an option to remove all the time indications (like the clocks, the message timestamps, etc.)? If not, will you be planning to add it in the future?


I think this is a great idea and one that should be considered for implementation. It helps to reduce stress. I did this on my work computer just a few days ago actually, I turned off the time bar in the bottom right corner and all worry just left me.

We let life happen to us when we don’t concern ourselves with time.

This could be a really lovely feature.


Exactly on point.

I wanted to add that there is a also productivity boost when you’re not worrying about the time. Without the constant worry and stress about the time you’re able to do more things during the day.


Hi @yankolo and @simpledude,
I asked our engineers if you’ll be able to hide the time on Mudita Pure.
They have informed me that sadly it won’t be possible.


can we hope for a future OS upgrade which includes that feature? :slight_smile:


Hi @Filip_Popescu,

Yes, it could be possible with the status bar as an OS update but the truth is (and we’re all about transparency) that we don’t quite know if you’ll be able hide the time and date everywhere. There would be ‘holes’ in the screen designs so it would be necessary to design those screens specifically without the date and time. Due to the obvious design constraints, an optional update like this, would take some time to develop. If I learn any more, I will update this thread on the forum.

I hope you’re having a great day!