PLEASE MUDITA ! MAKE THIS PHONE WORK... (You have the potential to change millions of lives for the better)

I mean this… ditching the smartphone, but still having an intelligent phone like Mudita with the center for text message management is a game changer… No more feeling distracted

Just… please make the damn thing work with the next update. Make it possible to make phone calls with good quality. Make it receive all texts, without loosing half of them.

You guy will definitely change my life if you make it work.

Urszula, if you can share this message with your team that would be great. We need you. No one wants to return the phone, we just want to be able to call and text so please please… make it work well.



@alexfrca Thanks for the feedback. We are working on fixing as many bugs as possible. The new release, which is scheduled to be released in the next couple of weeks should address many of the issues. Hopefully this info helps.


My sentiments as well.

After I realized that the Pure did not work and could not be implemented into my life, in any respect, as of May 2022. I considered going to the litephone, punkt, or even just a dumb phone, but then I get sucked into the vision that Mudita painted with the Pure and I just want it to work. I did request a refund for the Pure, but haven’t sent it back yet.

I have moved across the country and packed up the Pure and it’s accessories and each time I look at it, I think about fulfilling my return. Yes, I got a good deal on it…but the phone doesn’t work. So is it really a good deal? I’m wondering if getting the refund and if/when it begins to function properly in the US, I’ll purchase again.

For me, I can wait for the music section and the calendar and all of that. But to not be able to make/receive calls/have steady service means the phone just doesn’t work. Sigh.


Yes, I agree with you. The calendar and music playback, all that has time. What’s important now is that you can use the Pure for what it’s there for in the first place. Making phone calls and writing text messages. Unfortunately, that is hardly possible at the moment. And I don’t think it’s because of the providers in the US, because I also have these problems here in Germany.
I really hope for the new update.


Oh shoot, sorry to hear it isn’t working in Germany either. At first I was mostly hearing the challenges with the US carriers because of the way the carriers are set up here…sounds like it’s more so something to do with the actual device.

I am absolutely no cellphone expert, but it seems like it can’t keep up with the APN settings. When I take my sim out of my smartphone and put it in the Pure, it works for a little bit and then disconnects. I reinsert it back to my smartphone and sometimes it reconnects, but sometimes I have to call the carrier and they reset some things.

Sigh. A this point I’m really contemplating sending the phone back once I get to my belonging that were shipped across the country.


So I really hope that can improve with software update. If it really is the hardware/antenna, then that would be very bad indeed. For us and for Mudita.
Let’s hope.


Mine did the same thing. Worked at first, with dropped calls, but then just said “no network connection”. Hasn’t worked since. (calls)


Yeah I have to say I am sad that for such an amazing simple device that it seems many people will not get to experience it. Such an elegant simple device. Unfortunate there are so many issues and workarounds you have to do just to make a damn phone call lol