Please consider to implement following features to mudita phone os

  • in address book please consider to implement optional field for company name along with contact name field, i frequently search for a specific company name and then select contact name. this feature allows me to find my contact much quicker and it helps me to identify caller much quicker
  • implement ignore function to drop all messagess or calls from a specific number

Pretty sure the latter is implemented already. I’d be surprised if the first is not available as well as if you already implement the part of contacts (name, phone) it’s just a simple addition to add the rest of the specification fields. If not, it’s probably an easy feature that can be implemented in the long run.

@Inflating_Clouds Thank you for reaching out. The address book already has a field for any additional info you would like to use to identify a specific contact- it might not always be a company name. It might be a club, or an association, or even a group you’re part of. The Mudita Pure also has a block-number function. Hopefully this helps.