No Signal with Congstar/Telekom in Germany

So far i had no Luck getting the mudita pure to work with Germanys Congstar ( ) who are a Brand of Deutsche Telekom ( ) and use their network.
Since this is a prepaid contract i already ordered and replaced the SIM card thinking i might have displaced the current one but sadly the replacement card did also fail to yield a signal.
An older o2 SIM (different network) works just fine.
Both networks should already have shut down UMTS.

Are there any indications that there might be network incompatibilities with MCC 262 MNC 01 ?


Probably the modified antenna blocks signal in certain areas for that carrier. I guess Germans will have to switch to a different network. Same thing happening here in the US.

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@num42 Hi thank you for reaching out. In German, Mudita Pure works with T-mobile, O2, Vodafone. From what I know, Congstar is a brand by Telekom and it uses the same network as T-Mobile, so it should work. However, @Jose_Briones has previously suggested that it might be necessary to get a new sim card from your carrier in order for it to work on Mudita Pure.

Indeed it does work,
i just left my flat, got signal with the congstar/Telekom SIM and was able to make a call on the street. I suppose this is due to the low SAR antenna of the Mudita Pure. I experienced bad reception with my Iphone13 and Vodafone in my flat before but not with Telekom which is why i chose them for the Pure, however i suppose the Pure does not have either the reception or sending oomph to actually reach the Telekom Tower. I really should have thought of that earlier. :wink:

With at least my Pure however there seems to be an issue pertaining to no signal, pressing buttons (too fast?) and the phone freezing which i assume is due to some RTOS issue as in that state i previously noticed the flashlight turning on roughly 2 hours after having pressed the button. Is there a way to do a hard reset of the phone as the on/off button unfortunately is affected by this as well. So far i only got functionality back by letting it empty the battery completely.

Congstar unsurprisingly reported back that Telekom currently does not have any business relations with Mudita and thus is unable to rule out incompatibility issues.

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To reset the Pure, you could just take the battery out of the phone and then insert it back again. That will turn the phone off and then you can turn it on normally.

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@num42 & @john_dumpling A batter-pull is a quick way to reset the phone… I’ve done it with mine if it experiences hangs-ups.
As a long-time user of Blackberry (still using the same device after 14 years) a battery-pull was always my go to reset method. Still is :smiley: