Needs option to disable 4g/3g, toggle light

I wish you take it seriously and at least test it and see the difference.

Firstly, to fix the low signal issues and dropping please give us the option to disable 4G and disable 3G in settings as 2G uses a lot less power and has more extended range of coverage.

make two options in setting (Cellular)

  1. disable 4g
  2. disable 3g

or at least a dial code to do that as some carriers use 4G for internet and 3G for calls and switching between them makes the Pure lose signal after call ends and sometimes Pure fails to get signal back.

please this is the only way that will make pure functional by making the user capable of disabling 4g/3g on phone.
check this article for more information:

as you can see 2G uses lower frequency that make it penetrate more obstacles and have better coverage.

Secondly, please add keypad key to toggle backlight of screen and keypad that would also make battery last more as we will toggle light on demand only



Given that USA-based Pure users already lack 2G and will lose 3G on 1 January 2023, it would be nice for Pure users to be able to disable 2G as well as 3G – unless the Pure’s cellular radio already somehow “knows” not to try to find a 2G signal or a 3G signal.