Mudita Togetherness

I ordered the Mudita Pure phone in September 2020 after following the blog for some time. Nearly $400USD.

In late October I received an email saying that production had been delayed to April 2021. When I ordered the phone the ETA was something like November or December 2020.

After this delay, you promised fortnightly updates with regards to production of the phone. This hasn’t occurred.

Today I received an email about “Mudita Togetherness”, your new brand of clothing.


You have taken payment for preorders on your initial product, including mine, on the Mudita phone. This has now been delayed into an unforeseeable date in the future.

No phone has been produced. In the meantime you have begun producing ventilators, clocks, and now for some reason launched a clothing brand.

Why are you launching products noone has asked for when you haven’t been able to produce any evidence of the original product you built your name on?

Mudita is a Polish company that has built hype to take payment on a product that it remains yet to deliver. Last month another Polish company swindled me out of my money on a preorder. The company was CDPR and the product was a game called Cyberpunk. This was a product that was repeatedly delayed until, on release, the final product released proved to be an abomination.

The parallels are becoming increasingly obvious.

Everyone waiting on their phone, today receiving an email about the same people you have paid to provide a phone instead producing clothing, look into what happened with Cyberpunk.

Mudita please provide me with an assurance that I will actually receive a phone that I have paid for, and that you are not CDPR.

Please explain why you have launched a clothing company without producing the phone I have paid for, on time.

Please tell me this phone is not Cyberpunk.

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Have you missed the updates on Indiegogo or Kickstarter? There have been like 2 or 3 since they announced the delay. I agree about the diversification of products, but they have provided plenty of updates since the delays.



Thank you for your comment. I understand your feelings - we are not happy about the delays either and the team is working hard to release the product as soon as possible. Some parts of the process are time-consuming and we are also waiting to see iterations on the mechanical side and finally accept them. Believe me, we are working on this product for long time now, and we all really want to release the phone in the same way as you want to receive it.

The last thing I would say is that we didn’t show “updates with regards to production of the phone”. I think we are pretty transparent - we send updates with photos/videos showing current state of the phone and the whole production “backstage” - from prototypes, to testers and even injection moulds. With all the emails that we get nowadays maybe you somehow missed it - I can’t blame you! You can always check our forum, blog or Kickstarter/Indiegogo for the current status.

I get it - you don’t like our new products. They are by no means replacements for the Mudita Pure. Since part of the team is waiting for the release of the Pure and finished their work on it - they simply started working on other stuff - simple as that. I understand that it can be annoying that while waiting for the product that you already paid for, you are bombarded with the stuff that you are not interested in - we talked internally that while some people appreciate it - for some it’s just frustrating so we won’t be doing that anymore. I’m sorry if that was your case.

Finally, YES! - I can assure you that you and all other people who ordered the phone will receive it!

All the best!