Mudita Pure Tethering on Mac

I totally agree with you - this should be straightened out. We mostly work on Linux and Windows devices, thus the macOS support was a little bit limited in the meaning of accessibility for devs. Right now more of us works with mac, so I believe this will be more straightforward in the future.
Regarding WiFi - it does do the job, but it does not line up with the values that Pure has to represent.
Saying so, if you had any more troubles - feel free to spam me via DM or here on the topic. I’d be more than grateful if I could help you.


Oh shit, I really really hoped that I would tether internet on Mac as well. That is quite essential for me to give up my smartphone. I work in the train, and the WIFI is never working in the train here, that is the only reason when I still use my smartphone (as I need a hotspot) at this moment (switched to a Nokia 105).

Actually, my girlfriend was really anxious about me getting rid of my smartphone, with all kind of arguments like:

  • but what if you are on the airport, and forget to print out this form
  • what if you are lost in a new city, and don’t know where to go

And all kind of horror scenario’s that in reality usually work out itself in some way(as they have done for years before the existence of smartphones).

After a while, I was like, well, you know, I take my laptop with me when I travel, so if there goes anything wrong, I just plug in my Mudita in my laptop, and I can do anything I can do on a phone, and even more, on a gigantic screen!

So long story short, I hope this issue can be resolved somehow!

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While I love everything about Mudita, and understand all and any growing pains with the phone roll out, I agree, this is a bummer. Kind of a huge feature. I’ll likely have to continue using my Punkt phone until this gets resolved.


Hey, I have tried to install this driver however it fails to install. I have a Mac with M1 chip. Do you know if there are any other drivers that might work on my system? Thanks :slight_smile:

Mudita needs to obtain a kext enabled Developer ID so that they can build and sign the HoRNDIS driver so people don’t need to disable security features in MacOS to install.

@parawizard we have found that one guy on GitHub has ownership of the maintenance of the HoRNDIS driver and he released a version for both Intel and M1 chips, for macOS up to Catalina. I’ve tested all of those versions and in most cases, you can turn on SIP after installing the driver. It’s not so straightforward as installing other apps, but a full manual about installing the driver should be included in the nearest release of the User Guide (I have written a tutorial/manual about how to install the driver in different OSes), right @urszula ?

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I have the latest Mac OS (Monterey). Have tried following steps on GitHub and Mudita still doesn’t tether. The process for installing external extensions on apple’s website is pretty hectic, I rang apple and they said they could not help me with it. I can’t get the phone to tether and not sure where to go from here.

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I am really amazed that I do have to have a fairly unknown driver to use mudita with my macbook. This is no good

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@Elizabeth_Galanis Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have reported this to the devs, I will tag @Bartosz_sp2fet to see if he can offer any more insight to your issue. I’m not a MAC user so I’m not familiar with that ecosystem at all. I’m going to ask some people to help me with this.

So, nowadays (September 2022) if you have a MACOS there’s no thethering?

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@ibonbelandia Here’s a thread on this topic which you might find helpful

No success yet.

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I also still have not been able to tether the phone, despite many hours trying. I’ve noticed that in my system information the horndis driver is listed under ‘disabled software’ and I have no idea how to get it out of here. Would really love to know if anyone has figured out how to work this.

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@Elizabeth_Galanis Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to ask my team to look into this & try to help you out.

Hi there, I was just wondering if this user guide is available? I’ve looked at the instructions for the HORNDIS driver update and it’s well beyond my computer know how. I’m using an older Macbook Air with High Sierra installed and need tethering to work so I can convert totally from my old ‘smart’ phone to my lovely new Pure, as the phone is the only internet connection I have available where I live. Thanks :slight_smile:

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@galtions I’ve put together a separate thread on this:


Thankyou for this easy to follow guide, I really appreciate it Urszula. This has worked for me and I can now tether with my MuPu! (Mudita Pure)

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Is it in the roadmap (for this or the new phone) to make the tethering possible with iOS?

My intention in the future is to only have an iPad mini without cellular to replace the smartphone and mac.

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@galtions Thank you so much for the feedback. We’re happy it’s working for you!

@roberto I will have to ask our team. I know there was some complications with this, but I will ask for specifics.