Mudita pure screen freezes

I’ve been using the Pure for a couple weeks, and for the most part works well and I quite like it. The main issue I’ve been having is the screen freezes occasionally… So far it had unfrozen on its own after some time, and most recently it just did it almost an hour ago and I am not sure what to do. Any advice appreciated on preventing this from happening, or how to get it to unfreeze right away, thank you.

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@catan When the screen freezes, does pressing any of the buttons do anything? How about turning it off?
Additionally, did you update to the most recently released OS?

No, pressing buttons does nothing, and cannot even turn off the phone. About an hour or so later, the phone started vibrating, then it restarted, and it was working again. It turned out to be an Incoming call at that time.

I have not updated yet. Forgive my ignorance, do you just connect the phone to a computer to do that? (My laptop does not have a USB port)

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