Mudita Pure SAR - antenna patent does not say anything about SAR

Hi! I love your concepts and approach for your devices. I’m interested in the Pure, but so far I have not seen any confirmation of one of its key features - namely, the low SAR value.

In your antenna patent, you compare two antenna designs, and the one you patented showed lower EMF strength at a distance. This, however, says nothing about the SAR of the device.
I know patents are usually kept cryptic and ambiguous, but the only hard fact presented in the patent is that you managed to develop a poorly working antenna, since to achieve the same level of cellular reception, you have to pump more energy into it.
SAR is measured using specially-designed human phantom. The whole device design matters - how the antenna is positioned and shielded from the user, and how the EMF distribution in space looks. You are getting closer to launch, and still have not provided solid evidence for your claim.

Could you perhaps make a video showing some quick measurements using a handheld EMF meter? Low EMF at the front side would mean there is a chance that there would be a lower EMF absorption in the head, and so - a lower SAR.

I really like your products, but the low SAR value is the thing I was hoping for in Pure.

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Hi Joy,

Thank you for voicing your concern, we’re happy to help and we’re so glad you like our device concepts. One of Pure’s key features is its ultralow Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). It is the only internationally agreed standard of measuring EMF radiation by measuring heat absorption on human tissue. Using a patented antenna and custom made shielding, Mudita Pure minimizes a user’s exposure to radiofrequency energy, with estimates of less than 0.08W/kg at your head (for context, an iPhone X’s SAR value is 1.08W/kg). Mudita Pure was tested at Verkotan (a FINAS and ILAC accredited testing laboratory) in Finland.

We do have solid evidence to support our claim.
I will send you an email with the patents and complete test results from Verkotan.

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This clears it up for me, thank you so much!

Edit, for anyone also having any doubts:
Besides providing an actual SAR value here, Tiffany emailed me to address my concerns and attached the papers. The head of R&D also chimed in with some further clarification.
Having read through the materials, I am confident that they can deliver on their promise. They have previous experience with low-SAR designs and did the necessary testing of the performance and longevity of the shielding material used in the antenna design. I’m sold :slight_smile:

Thank you again to both of you and cheers!


Thanks Joy, for bringing this up, as I also have the same concern about SAR.

Hey Tiffany, can you please forward the information about the patents and complete test results from Verkotan to me as well?



Yes, of course. I will get that to you today @singing.

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