Mudita Pure - Pre-Order Roll-Call

Good morning & happy Monday to you all!

I pre-ordered the Mudita Pure this weekend, and was wondering who else has done the same?

Why did you pre-order?

What excites you the most about Mudita Pure?

What device are you currently using?

Thanks much & I look forward to all of your replies.

Stay safe & have a wonderful day,


Hi Eric,

I am a Kickstarter backer, and I’m as excited as ever to receive it!
The why is due to the focus on analogue simplicity, quality of materials, clean design, the potential for it to allow me technological mindfulness, etc… there is the risk of this phone becoming a dependency at first, I feel myself at times too excited for the Pure, as if it may be a miracle solution to a problem; but it should be treated as a tool to promote healthy technology consumption!

I’m using an iPhone XS from work, and i have a Samsung Galaxy A5 dormant somewhere at home. I’m really unhappy with them from a moral and philosophical point of view, but they are allowing me to do my work. In all my time using smartphones I have never grown used to touchscreens; I miss the old feeling of buttons (my favourite being the Nokia 5140i, a tank of a phone), and modern dumb phones don’t have good enough quality (I’ve tried about 10 different models which had poor quality materials, software, performance…), and the Pure seems incredibly promising.

I’ve been following Mudita for a very long time, since before their kickstarter campaign.


Hello and happy Saturday, a little later! I pre-ordered the Mudita Pure back when orders first opened, because I like the design (I’m a big fan of e-ink and buttons that are always right there) and was looking for a good basic phone that will outlast the 3G shutdown.

I’m most excited to try an e-ink screen! I always have to crank the brightness way down on my phones, and even then it feels too bright to me. Currently using a slim flipphone from Samsung, not sure of the exact model. It works perfectly well, but it’s on the 3G network, so I need to plan ahead.


Ahah, I’ve got the same issue with the brightness of my phone, as if I was having some kind of superpower that allowed me to see with almost no light ahah ! But I guess that it’s just cause we are watching directly at a source of light. E-ink screen is a big yes for me !