Mudita Pure material colour considerations - dirt and scratches

Hi Mudita!

This is mostly an aesthetic dilemma I have, so not very important, but still figured to ask :slight_smile:

I’ve been debating for a while between white or black version of Pure. On one hand, the white body blends really well with the screen, and gives a more complete impression of a stone. The black version makes it look much more like a gadget given the obvious contrast between the white screen and black body (it would be great if the eink screen could switch the colour scheme).

My question is, considering your current testing state, which material colour seems to have first visible signs of wear and dirt?
I would guess the white, where scratches tend to be more visible, and any contact with a dirty surface or dirty hands rapidly leaves a mark on the white body. However, we do not know yet which final material choice you guys made :slight_smile: so maybe that material is much more resistant to smudges and scratches than typical plastics on the market.


I would actually say the darker model might show scratches more - when plastic is “bruised”, it usually becomes slightly lighter and more opaque at the site of the damage, sort of like how a slightly translucent bar of soap does if you hit it against something. Depending on the plastic used, obviously, but I think the white might actually hold up pretty well all things considered!


Hi @Filip_Popescu, I’ve spoken to the design team and it’s likely that the Pebble Grey (although it appears white, it is in fact a very light grey colour) is more likely to show any imperfections than the black colour but this is to be expected. We will be updating everyone with more information about the materials at a later date. It should be as resistant to smudges and scratches as we can manage. We’ll try our best!