Mudita Pure flash

I have an issue that I did notice since I got the phone that when clicking the flash button in mudita pure every time it wont work unless I do many clicks then it will work normally then if I leave the phone for w while it wont work again until I click to many times long press of course.
is this a known issue ?

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@Amr_Osman I’m not sure I understand. Is this after the phone is unlocked? Some buttons may be activated by long-pressing just to limit an accidental push, so it may be like that by design. However, I will ask the team about this.

thanks for reply, but I know that I should do a long press but it wont response except after many trials.

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@Amr_Osman which button are you actually pressing?

the torch button

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@Amr_Osman I spoke to the tech team about this, and the torch button is meant to be pressed a bit longer than just a simple quick click. This is to prevent random turning on & off, if it’s in your backpack, pocket or purse. It’s by design.