Mudita Pure: First impressions

I’ve received the Mudita Pure today. The phone is not for me, but I’ve already done some tests considering the reviews I’m reading here.

My first impressions:

  • I like the visual. Easy to hold, minimalist, and simple to navigate.

  • No problems with the SIM card (Denmark).

  • I did a quick call, and the sound looks ok, but I would expect a bit more with the speaker in maximum volume.

  • No problem with sending and receiving SMS. It is fast. However, not having Danish in the input, most SMS comes with squares when it is supposed to be Æ, Å, Ø.

  • The buttons don’t seem too soft as I thought and are a bit noisy, so writing SMS to clients will take some time.

  • The maximum sound isn’t too loud, and the ringtones and music get a bit distorted. I believe that even in the pocket, it may be hard for some people to hear it.

  • I cannot connect the phone with the Mudita Center (Macbook Air M1). I’ve tried to connect directly with different adaptors and a USB-C to USB-C cable, but the synchronization error message always appears. I don’t know what to do…

I’m not sure how the person will adapt to some of the abovementioned issues. Still, the Danish input and the connection to Mudita Center seem to be the most important so far, not only to synchronize the contacts but also to write SMS.

I’ll give more feedback as I have something more to add.

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@regbarata Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to ask the devs as to why there might be an issue with your laptop. There really shouldn’t be. I will also ask about the language input.

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Thanks, Urszula.

Some more information:

  • MMS: If someone sends an MMS, we see squares, and it is sent from a short number (maybe the phone company), and we cannot know who sent it, so we ask to send the image by e-mail.

  • SMS: If someone sends a long SMS, we (1) only receive the first beginning of the SMS, or (2) it comes as MMS, having the MMS issue I’ve written above.

  • Display light: The display light sometimes blinks intermittently when we are using the phone. I’m not sure if it is supposed to work like that, but it is something a bit annoying. I believe that people with certain health conditions that may be influenced by blinking lights will not like it.

Are these issues known, and will they somehow be addressed?


The first two I believe are hard to address. 3rd one is normal for e-ink screens. It’s called the refresh rate

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Hi Jose,

The light I’m talking about it is the one around the screen that illuminates, not the display itself that I’m aware of blinking. :slight_smile:


Got it. I see what you are saying


The SMS and MMS issues are a big barrier to my daily work. The Danish input may also be at a certain degree.

Unfortunately, since we only have a 14 days window to decide, I have to return the pure.

However, I see it as a temporary decision because I trust Mudita’s mission. I’ll be attentive to the solution of all the issues or the new upcoming projects, and I’ll have it/them. :slight_smile:

I’ve sent an email to support, and I’m waiting for an answer (also for the Mudita harmony replacement).


I had this issue in Linux version of mudita center, and confirm that rebooting the phone solves the issue. In Windows, however I was able to connect just fine every single time. YMMV

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Thank you for your suggestion. I also did it and several other options without any success.

@urszula: I didn’t receive any answer from the support yet regarding my refund. I also included a question about the replacement Harmony status in that email because I’ve been trying to solve it for almost two months, and I didn’t have any contact since I sent it back. I don’t intend a replacement anymore, as you can understand.

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@regbarata I will check on that right away.

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