Mudita Pure Feedback and Suggestions

  1. Way too big. The sketch on the box would’ve been the perfect size for the device. I WANTED MY PHONE TO BE A smaller PART OF MY LIFE!
  2. In relation to the size, please optimize this device for one-handed use. The unlock is not suited for this, but more importantly, please design the device with the center of gravity at the center of the keypad.
  3. Please add WiFi hotspot capability. My phone is my only source of internet. I need to be able to take calls while another device uses the hotspot.
  4. I understand the flashes of the screen to be a limitation of e-ink displays, but they make me feel like I have epilepsy. Have you considered working with DASUNG? They have developed fast frame-rate e-ink display technology.
  5. The speaker is far too low. Putting calls on speaker sounds like having the volume loud in-ear on other phones. I was excited to hear you opted for quality speakers, but I’m not realizing those results. Even the in-ear speaker is poor.
  6. Addition of an ambient light sensor would be nice. I don’t want the front light on all the time, and there’s no use wasting the battery on the keypad lights during the day. At the very least it would be nice to toggle both with a tap of the flashlight button.
  7. A flashing cursor would be nice to signify that another press of the same key will change the character. The cursor should return to solid when another press of the same key will input a new character. The opposite signaling could be employed at your discretion, but some signification will allow for calmer, more deliberate use of the device.
  8. Add shorter ringtones, especially for messages. I would appreciate some classic ringtones; some may call these “retro”.
  9. Add a lock button, or sequence. I want to be able to click a button on the side of the device, with my thumb, while pulling it out of my pocket. I would like to repeat this in reverse for stowing the device. If a physical button is not added, holding down on the joystick to lock and unlock would be nice.

I agree with this feedback. A few months of use, and I am still very disappointed by the product.

  • Connectivity issues… other person doesnt hear me most of the time
  • Volume and sound quality issues…
  • Don’t receive calls even though I have full connectivity, but when I call the person it works…

Is there an update coming soon to fix these issues ? @urszula

  1. Voice SMS. This will reduce time spent on the device, skipping the typing process altogether. Walkie-talkie like features and innovations are welcome!

After cancelling my order for a Mudita Pure because of its lack of MMS support, I got a Sunbeam Wireless F1 Orchid. It has “Voice SMS” in the sense that I can press and hold a button to speak an SMS message, which then gets converted quickly and fairly accurately into text, which I can then edit, if necessary, before sending the message.

I hope that Mudita can build this functionality into the next cellphone!


@less Your comment about a walkie-talkie feature made me think about the Nextel phones which were popular in the early 2000s

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Exactly! They had their benefits.

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This is nice, but I think that’s considered voice texting or more accurately voice-to-text. I am not interested in this feature. I just want to record a message and send that recording over the wire. No need to correct what I already said.

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@less They were also pretty indestructible :smiley:

Ha! Also a huge plus for a phone. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to throw it against the wall…

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@less This is why I’ve never owned an Apple product. They cost an arm & a leg, they are not easily fixable, plus they break if you breathe wrong LOL.