Mudita Pure don't detect any NanoSIM

We tried different NanoSIM, including a new one, and it doesn’t work. You can choose the Sim number but when you enter inside the details something happen and you cannot continue. This situation happen in the first configuration of the phone. Sim details appears in blank.

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@xif Thanks for letting us know. Would it be possible if you could submit your logs to Mudita via Mudita Center.

Here are the instructions: How to send logs to Mudita via Mudita Center

I sent it today. But now I have more issues, Mudita center and the phone asks for a passcode i never had and Mudita never provided to me. And I cannot enter to the “About your pure” section, because it doesn’t appear and I cannot see then, the serial number required to sent with the logs.

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I’m struggling with lots of problems, since the day one, and when I resolve 1, 2 more appears. Please provide effective help.

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@xif when you initially configured the phone, out of the box, you were asked to set a passcode. The only way to remove this is to do a factory re-set.